Saturday, June 30, 2007

Even more payments!

Yesterday I was paid by Smorty and Berrymails as well as Jem Investments and Bucks 4 Banners. This has taken my monthly earnings for June up to over £375. This is fantastic, much more than I had expected at the beginning of the month. I am hoping that I can keep increasing my income month after month. It would be fantastic if I could do that, discovering more and more ways to make good money online. My goal is to earn more money a month than my husband and eventually to earn enough so that we can pay off the mortgage and he can give up work. I am getting carried away of course, as I still have the bathroom to pay for before I can start paying more money off the mortgage but I think it is good to hav emy goals written down in as many places as possible.

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jay said...

Hi rachel
For some reason bucks4banners always seem to pay me too much(??) they just paid me £10 instead of £5! they did this the first time, I queried it and they said that they had paid me correctly..