Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Fummo - seems like a scam

I do like to give new sites the benefit of the doubt but I think I have been patient with this iste for long enough. I have therefore decided to stop promoting it. The reasons for my mistrust are as follows. When I joined in pre-launch it was advertised that on 20th May you woudl get $5 per referrals. Once the site launched they changed the rules to say that your referrals needed to complete an offer in order for you to be paid. I could see why they needed to do this as they would never have survived if they had paid out that much money on their launch date. I signed up to one of their advertised offers. I had to pay $1.95 to join up and it was advertised that I woudl receive $110 for joining up. I felt that it was worth the risk. It is a month later and I have still not been paid - despite emailing them proof that I completed the offer in full and emailing then every week since. I have not had any replies form my emails. I am therefore going to stop promoting them and would like to apologise to anyone that I referred and lost money. I spent $100 on 50 referrals thinking that I would get $250 back. I knew it was a risk but I am still disappointed that they haven't even answered my emails or at least paid me for the offer that I completed.

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wyatt said...

Check out my anti fummo site www.fakefummo.co.nr

Fummo appears to have now closed