Friday, June 01, 2007

getting paid for Surveys

There are lots of advertisements on the Internet for gettig paid to do surveys. they seem to have a charge and so I steer clear of them. I assume that they give a list of sites that you can make money from by doing surveys. well, I am going to recommend a couple of sites to you for free!

The first site is YouGov and it has really interesting surveys, usually about current affairs. They pay from £0.50 per short survey and I usually get a few a week. They pay out when you reach £50. It does take a long time to earn but they are an honest site and the surveys are fun.

The other site that I use a lot is Ciao. This site is predominantly a site for members to write reviews on items and they can earn money depending on how many people read and rate their reviews. However, they also have a survey section where you can earn various amounts of money by doing surveys about goods. They payout when you reach £5.

I am pretty sure that these sites do have international sites so they are not just open to UK members only.

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