Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Getting Paid to Blog

A friend has just asked me how I get paid for writing articles on my blog. I therefore thought it woudl be useful for her and my other readers if I explained in more detail. There are quite a few sites that I have come across which offer to pay you for writing articles. You always need to regeister with the site and put in the details of your blog. They will then let you know if they approve your blog. Once your blog has been approved you can start writing articles. You are usually given a bried summary of what to write about as well as some links and sometimes pictures to include as well. Most sites state that you have to say the article has been sponsored and you have to keep the articles permenantly on your blog. They all work slightly differently.

Pay Per Post
I have so far been paid £56.51. With this site you can be paid from $5 per article and you can do up to 3 a day. You can look through the opportunities that you are qualified to do. You have to wait 30 days for payment on this site and your blog has to have been online for 90 days before they will consider it.

Sponsored Reviews
With this site you ave to state how much you are prepared to be paid per article. I set my level at $10 - this means that I actually get paid $6.50 per article I write after the site have taken their cut. With this iste it is up to you to look through the advertisers and select any you want to write articles for and they will come back to you if they want you to write the article. I have been paid £39 by them in total.

This is one of the easiest sites in that you log in and it lists any opportunities available to you. I have been paid £14.40 so far.

This website is very similar to Smorty. I have been paid £5 so far. Payments are made weekly.

This site is very similar to Pay Per Post. However, I have not had many opportunities from them. I was paid very quickly though. I have been paid £10.

This site emails when you have a new opportunity to do. I have not yet been paid by them. All opportunities seem to pay around $10.

Review Me
I only joined this site yesterday. It seems topay about $5 per review.

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Rachel said...

I have just been offered a review with Review Me for $25, so it seem stheir rates can vary....