Thursday, June 07, 2007

Golddiggers PTC

A collegue from Mylot has set up a new PTC site called Golddiggers PTC. There are offerings ome great deals at the moment to try to get new members. I signed up, upgraded my membership (for life) and bought 10 referrals all for $10. For my $10 I have received not only 10 referrals but I get 12% of what they earn (a standard member gets only 10%) plus 2 draw tickets daily (a monthly prize of points), 1000 link credits, 1000 PTR credits, 1000 featured banner ad credits, plus each month I will receive 2000 banner ad credits, 5000 featured ad credits and 10000 exchange credits. They are only offering this fantastic deal (of a lifetime upgrade) to the 10 first members to apply. They still have some places so please check it out - it is a fantastic advertising opportunity on a site which is likely to really take off.

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