Thursday, June 28, 2007

Google Adsense - How to Increase Income

I have Google Adsense advertisements on all of my websites but it seems to take a long time to earn much money from the advertisements. I am aware of some websites which rely solely on adsense for their income and I do wonder how they manage to even generate enough money to cover the cost of their domain name. I have tried changing the placement of ads and the colour but it does not seem to have made much difference. In my opinion it is generating more traffic that is more important than changing the placement and look of the advertisements. I am working hard on trying to increase traffic to the site at the moment so I will report back if I think that it has incresed by Google Adsense income.


jay said...

someone mentioned to me that google do not like you to quote specific earnings form adsense (not sure how true that is, but I try to avoid it myself...) I don't think they would object to talking about earnings in general terms. Were you talking about adsense on blogs or websites?

Rachel said...

I was talking about Adsense on blogs and websites. I have 3 blogs and 3 websites with it on.

I have seen a lot of blog posts with articles about earnings in general so I assume it is okay to talk about it.