Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I have been paid

I have just been paid $50 by AW Surveys. I am thrilled because I was not sure if the site was a scam, but it obviously is not. The site had been experiencing surver problems and was down for a long time which is why I was cautious. But when it came back I thought that I woudl give it a go as it seemed so easy to earn money. I earned $26 by doing some surveys and the rest of my earnings were from signing up referrals ($1.25 per referral). I traded in some credits on some PTC sites that I was a member of in exchange for promoting my referral URL as well as promoting it on my blog and it has been well worth it. There is one disadvantage in cashing out by Paypal. You have to earn $75 and they take a $25 fee for Paypal payments. That is massive, I agree, but as I earned more than the $25 doing thee asy surveys I was quite happy with that cut.


Will said...

Dear Rachel

Thanks for your wonderful website.
I've got a question for you. If you received $50, does it mean you received about 40 referrals?
That's hell a lot!

I presume no new surveys will be posted since it's now already a week I've been waiting for another set and also my first referral!


Rachel said...

Yes I have got loads of referrals. I have been advertising and using PTS sites to get them as the payout per referral is better than I am spending.

I have also managed to get some friends to sign up which was very kind of them, so thank you if any of you are reading this.