Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Marketing Pond

I have just joined up with Marketing Pond. I had avoided joining up before as I thought it looked complicated and I couldn't work out how it all worked. But now that I understand I thought it might be useful to explain it!

Once you have opened your account you are given a list of about 30 websites, including adbux, clixsense, linkgrand and agoloco. You are requested to enter your referral code for each of the website, in the dedicated space. If you are not a member you are encouraged to join up. The reason for doing this is that everytime you get a referral for Marketing Pond and they decide to join any of the listed websites, they will join under your referral, as long as you have provided one. This means that rather than advertising lots of sites singularly, you can advertise your Marketing Pond referral link and will be advertising all of the listed sites that you have provided your referral ID for.

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