Friday, June 08, 2007

Money saving Tips - Electricity

I have decided that it might be useful to write a series of money saving tips sections. It is great to earn more money but it is also useful to save some as well.

With electricity costs so high at the moment it is always useful to be abl eto cut costs a bit. I have just had my monthly payments reduced from £52.50 to £40. This is partly to do with the recent price cuts, but also because I have been using less electricity. A list of the things I have been doing are below:

1. Replaced all of the lightbulbs that I could with energy saving ones

2. Making sure appliances and lights were switched off when no one is in the room (and not left on standby overnight)

3. Making sure the dishwasher is full before it is put on

4. Turning the heating down by 1 degree and incresing the amount of loft insulation by 3 times

5. washing at only 30 degrees (plus buying the most energy efficient appliances that I could)

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