Friday, June 08, 2007

Money saving Tips - Groceries

It is very easy to overspend on groceries. As we feel they are an essential item it does not seem so bad when we spend lots of money on them. However, costs can really creep up.

1. Visit all of your local supermarkets with a list of the staple foods you buy each month. Write down the price that supermarket charges. Calculate which supermarket is the cheapest. Remember to allow for any extra travel costs that you may incur.

2. Take a shopping list and stick to it

3. It is convienient buying everything under one roof, but if you regualarly pass a green grocers or delicatessan take a look at their prices to see if you will be better off shopping there.

4. Make sure you look at prices. It is very easy to just pick up lots of things and throw them in the trolley and then get to the checkout and wonder where the money went. Make sure you are aware of how much things cost and decide if you really need those more expensive items.

5. Make sure that you make full use of any coupons or loyalty cards that you have. Also if there is a buy one get one free or similar deal on things you regularly buy - get a few in but make sure you ar enot tempted to buy things you do not need.

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