Tuesday, June 12, 2007

New Survey Site

I have joined a survey site which so far has paid me $4-$6 per survey. It also pays $1.25 per referral. This is a lot of money compared to most survey sites, especially as it is free to join. There is a small snag - if you opt to be paid by Paypal there is a large fee. The minimum payout is $100 (I already have $26 and I only joined this morning) but if you want to be paid by Paypal you only get paid $75 for every $100 you earn. There is the option of being paid by cheque with no charge. If you would like to take a look then the site is called A. W. Surveys. Please take a look by clicking here. I woudl be most grateful if you would sign up and help me earn some money as the referral payment is so good, thank you.


JonEboy said...

Thanks Rachel - I've signed up

SEMcents.com said...

Please post when you get paid.

I signed up and did a survey


Islander Guy said...

Thanks Rachel. Lots of blogs out there blabbering abt what to sign up but yours is the best I've come across.

I've signed up and obtained $10 so far. Wish to keep on with that!