Saturday, June 23, 2007

Nose Surgery

If you have been looking for rhinoplasty in Beverly Hillsthen Rhodeo Drive Rhinoplasty could be a good place to start. Their aims are to bring all the style and sophistication associated with Rhodeo Drive to their clinic. You can expect Rhinopasty Beverly Hills style in this Rhodeo Drive based office. The founder is also the medical director and is a fully trained plastic surgeon.

Their approach to rhinoplasty is different to that in some other establishments. They have something called Breathe Easy Rhinoplasty which involves surgery from a duo of complimentary trained surgeons. Their focus is on the cosmetic side but also the functionality of the surgery. This ensures that great care is taken to make sure that breathing is not impaired by the treatment. But paying too much attension to this means that the cosmetic side can be overlooked. Therefore having experts looking at both of these aspects means that the treatment is balanced between the two aspects. The website contains more detail about this technique as well as some photographs of the past patients. So if you are interested in rhinoplasty Los Angeles style then it is worth taking a look at the website.

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