Friday, June 22, 2007


Yes, I agree it is a bit strange me writing a post on getting a stair lift. However, as I have a found a site that sell cheap stairlifts, I thought they may be some of you out there, interested in saving a bit of money when purchasing one. They sell reconditioned stairlifts, which is where you can save money. They also sell traditional ones as well as curved ones and even standing ones (which I have never heard of before). They even have special stair lifts for outdoors and large lifts which can be used for wheelchairs. The company provide an after sales service (which has a call out for any time of any day) and have a simple enquiry form on the website, which you can fill out and they will phone you to discuss options for you. They will come and do a free home estimate should you wish. The website has clear descriptions of each of the products that they sell.

With two flights of stairs in my house and two children to carry up and down, I sometimes think a stairlift would be great. I can just imagine my toddlers faces as they were carried upstairs on a moving chair!

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