Friday, June 15, 2007

Uk Lottery Sydicate

I am not saying that playing the lottery is the best way to get an income. however, a lot of us like to have a small gamble every so often or more regularly on the UK National Lottery. Chances of winning are very small however. But there is a website which can increase your chances of winning. It is called UK Lottery Syndicate and you can play the UK National Lottery and Euro Millions with the site.

As we are all aware, joining a syndicate will increase the chances of winning. Not only can you use it for the main draw but also for Thunderball and the extra draw. The syndicate increases your chances of winning by 702% (compared to if you were to just play one line of numbers on your own). You are placed in a syndicate of 49 UK players and 5 numbers are picked for you for the Wednesday and Saturday draws. The sixth number is applied using a mathematical method which ensures that you will match at least one number in teh draw. Your chances of winning any prize are increased to 1 in 13 and even if you only match 2 main numbers you will win something. The cost is £5 a week and you get 44 lines of numbers for both the Wednesday and Saturday draws. Remember you will have to share your prize money but it does give you a greater chance of winning.

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