Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Website Review : Munny4Hunny website review

Munny4Hunny is a blog which centers around the authors quest to make money online. It has useful articles which describe how they are making money so that you can follow suit should you wish. There are some sponsored posts on the site too. I used to hate these on blogs but now I realise that it is great way to get some extra money and any experienced reader of blogs will easily be able to spot a paid post. I like the way the blog is written - it is friendly and helpful. I particularly like the part which says how much money has been earned so far - I think I might copy that and put it on my blog! The site has a few advertisements on it but I think they tend to brighten up the layout rather than spoiling it, which haveing too many adverts can tend to do. Overall I would say a blog well worth reading!

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jay said...

Thanks Rachel, excellent review - but then I know you are capable of knocking out excellent reviews at a moments notice - takes a little longer for us ordinary mortals..
The earnings spreadsheet took a while to perfect to indicate monthly earnings (that's the spreadsheet I use for my end-of-month monthly earnings post). The side-bar thing is just a snapshot of the spreadsheet.