Friday, July 06, 2007

AW Surveys

I have heard a few negative comments about this site and although I have been paid once I have become suspicious since claiming 3 payments last week and not receiving any of them. I sent an email to the admin to ask why and got the following response :

I see back on 6/19 we sent a payment via paypal to you for $50. Since then it appears that almost all of the accounts created have been fraudulent and those payments have been denied.

This means that they are claiming that over 200 of my referrals have been fraudulant. I agree, that some of them could have been, but it is hard to believe that many would be. Please also take notice of the warning in the comment on this article about them.


JonEboy said...

Hi Rachel.

I wonder it's because your sign up's haven't completed surveys so they consider them fraudulent???

John (

Taylor_Blue said...

did they charge you $25 to put it through to paypal??

Rachel said...

Yes they did charge $25 for my Paypal payments.