Thursday, July 19, 2007

Clixsense - The Daddy of PTC?

There are so many Pay to Click sites out there and there seem to be new ones appearing each day. As soon as Adbux launched everyone seeme dto want to follow suit. I even considered whether having such a site which bring in a nice income for me. There is one PTC site which stands out over the rest. It is professional and has been around longer than most of the others sites. They pay at least 1 cent per click which is a lot more than most other similar sites. They seem to have more ads each day than any of the other PTC sites I am a member of. There are a few disadvatages, however. They only pay by cheque which means that I have to incur a bank charge every time I cash one, plus they take a while to reach me. they charge $3 per cheque. They do not pay you for each click your referral does, like a lot of similar sites do, but just a bonus if they upgrade their membership. Despite the disadvantages, I still think that it is worth joining Clixsense.

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