Friday, July 06, 2007

How to Earn Some Extra Fivers

Do you want a quick way to earn a few pounds? Why not try these ideas:

1. If you have a website or blog apply to Bucks 4 Banners - they pay you £10 to join and £5 per month for keeping 3 banners on your website.

2. Join Quidco and through the link on the site do a daily search on Kelkoo and the High Street Web. You will earn £5 in a month.

3. Join International Offers and signup to some of the offers and websites and click some banners. You should easily make some extra pounds.

4. If you have a website or blog join up to a site that pays you to do articles. You should get a minimum of $5 per article and so just 2 articles a month will bring in an extra £5.

5. See if you have anything in the house you could sell on ebay it is easy to make some quick cash even for a new seller.

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