Monday, July 16, 2007

Website Review : The Million Dollar Experiment Down Under

I have just been reading a great blog. The Million Dollar Experiment Down Under is a really inspiring blog for anyone wanting to make money online. I have only recently revisited it and was thrilled to see how well they are doing with their project and how sucessful they are becoming. It is full of detailed articles explaining how to make money online. I especially like the article It's not that hard to make $100 US dollars in one month part time, great inspiration for anyone plodding away trying to make a few extra dollars online. If you want an inspirational read I would recommend taking a look.

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rob stgeorge said...

Rachel - thanks alot for the mention, its certainly much easier making one million nz dollars than one million pounds which is 2 and 1/2 times as hard!

Good luck with your own venture, Greg was saying you've had some good days lately on PPP , not me however in recent times - they haven't been giving me much love unfortunately and I am not to keen on 5 dollar posts if I can help it!