Friday, August 17, 2007 payment

I reached the minimu payment amount of $10 in my account last night. I requested a payout and received my money within 2 hours. I was very impressed! I seem to be earning well at the moment from this site (I will calculate the exact earnings for my weekly PTC earnings article). From having a quick look at the statistics it seems like it will be my best performing PTC site and I have less referrals than I do on some of the other sites. I think that this is due to the large amount of links available to click. I was getting at least 10 a day, but now I have upgraded my membership I am getting at least 20 a day (usually more) and getting 25% more for each link either me or my referrals click.


Melbel said...

Congratulations on making payout. It seems that a lot of people are getting paid from lately.

Daniel Harrison said...

Congrats! Those referrals are really helping then!