Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Great Way to Earn by Clicking

Pay to Click can be very time consuming and with some sites paying only a fraction of a cent for each click it can have very small rewards. If you cannot find referrals it can take a long time to cash out. I have found a great site where I am making money from clicking but much more than many other PTC sites. For example this morning I made £0.32 in 5 minutes. It will take me a long time to reach the £25 minimum withdrawal amount but I spend a lot less time earning it. The website is called Moneyback madness. It is actually a cashback site so you can earn cashback on purchases from many online stores which can really help to increase your earnings. You can also earn commission from referrals joining up. In order to find the sites that I can make £0.32 a day from, just click the daily money back section in the retailers list on the right hand side.

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JonEboy said...

Thats good info - I had managed to miss that.

Many thanks