Friday, August 17, 2007

Making My Target $50

It was amazing how much more determined I was to make my $50 yesterday because I had actually made my goal public. Not only did I publicise it here but also on a forum. At 10pm I was ready to give up but I decided to wait a few more minutes and two opportunities to earn $5 came along and I surpassed my target by taking both. I am so pleased that I was able to do it. I knew that goal setting worked and I do it all of the time but the power of public goal setting has been demonstrated to me now.


Melbel said...

That's really awesome! Congratulations! You really have what it takes to earn like this. Was this forum work or on a PTC type website?

Rachel said...

Most of the payments came from sponsired blog articles and a small amount was PTC. I didn't count money made from my referrals on any sites so it was probably higher than I made it too.