Saturday, August 25, 2007

My bathroom is almost finished!

i had no idea how disruptive it would be, having the builders in the house. The children have been out of sorts all week and so I have not been finding much time to post on here - only really to do paid posts to get in some money. I am sorry about that and hope that I can get the quality of this blog back up very soon.

It seems that the work will cost a bit more than I predicted so it will take me even longer to pay for it all and until it is paid for I will not be able to go back to doubling properly again as I will need to draw the money out of the project. I knwo that some doublers charge themselves interest for this type of borrowing and am considering doing the same thing myself. I will keep you posted on how the repayments are going and when I plan to start doubling again. I am considering making a large investment soon but am not revealing it until I am sure it is a wise decision.....

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