Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My Pay To Click Earnings

I would like to thank Daniel who commented on my blog and suggested that I did a weekly update of my Pay to Click site earnings. I think it was a fantastic idea. So for my first post I will show how much I have earned so far:

Adbux : $65.29 (referrals 131) - upgraded member
Clixsense : $34.36 (referrals 20) - upgraded member
Bux.to : $7.74 (referrals 24) - upgraded member
Wordlinx : $8.53 (referrals 27)
Dreamclix : $2.67 (referrals 9)
Linkgrand : $1.97 referrals 7)
Clixmedia : $1.35 (referrals 1)
Adbuddy : $1.03 (referrals 1)

As I joined each of these at a different time then it is not fair to compare them at this stage. However, each week I will post how much I have made on each program and then comparisons will be able to be made.


Daniel Harrison said...

Hi Rachel

Thanks for that. It helps us and it boosts your referrals for the best revenue generators too!

Didn't realise Adbux was so good. I've been having more luck with bux.to over the last 2 days.


Daniel Harrison said...

I'm now publicising my own earnings thanks to your inspiration!