Thursday, August 30, 2007

Website Review : Little Earner

LIttle Earner is a website all about how to earn money online. The website is split up into useful sections. There is a section where he reports what his earnings have been so far. This is very useful as it can help you to decide which online money making schemes are working the best. There are sections on how to earn money from cashback websites, gambling and surveys. He has an intersting section on how to make money from your website, which explains things like advertising and affiliate schemes. There is even a section on things that do not work.

Overall I really liked the site as it was not too full of information so was not overwhelming, but had enough detail to be able to decide which money making option seemed the best. The layout was simple and neat and I found it easy to navigate. The tone was friendly and articles were well written so that they were easy to follow.

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