Thursday, August 23, 2007

Website Review : Make Money Online

Make Money Online is a website which has details of how to make money using the Internet. It has information on making money from auctions such as eBay, Blogging, ebooks, surveys, affiliate programs and websites. There are articles on each of these topics to help you to learn about them. For example in their eBay section is a general overview and then a basic tutorial on starting your ebay business. There is a section on how to present your items for sale and an article about features and benefits of using ebay. There are also articles on how to search on ebay, how to sell on ebay, ebay stores, merchant accounts and much more. Having used ebay for years, I was impressed by the amount of information and the detail that the articles went into. They covered every possible area that I would feel would be important for someone to know about when starting off as an ebay seller.

I decided to also take a look at their make money from blogging section, as it is what I am doing! I found it good as an overview but would have liked to have seen more information on search engine optomisation and how to draw traffic to your blog. It was great that they included information on how to put adverts on the blog site but without traffic, the adverts are not much use!

Despite this, I would recommend taking a look at the website. The articles are well written and clear, so that if you want to follow the instruction given, it is easy to do so. There is quite a bit of advertising on the site, but I did not find it overly distracting. I liked the layout and found that the neat and clean appearance of the site added to the ease of use.

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