Thursday, August 23, 2007

Website Review : Safe Haven Financial Center

Safe Haven Financial Center specialises in Life Settlements and aim to help customers make the right decision with regards to life settlements. Life Settlements allow you to sell your life insurance policy to free up the money tied up in that policy, they do thier best to get you the most cash possible for your policy. This money, that would have otherwise been unaccessable could be put into an investment, you can spend it on anything you wish or donate it to a charity of your choice and could be available within 4-6 weeks. The company tend to be interested in people whose policies have a face value of more than $50,000 and the customers are over 65. The website contains an eight question quiz which will let you know whether you qualify or you can just contact the company directly through the website in order to find out your options. You can get a free evaluation of your current policy to find out how much equity you can release from your policy. Or you can take a look at the companies brochure online - you can view their pdf file without even waiting for it to arrive in the post. There are a few useful articles on the website which could help you decide whether a life settlement is the right decision for you. The articles are : cashing in on unneeded life insurance policies, why sell a life insurance policy and the evolution of a secondary life settlements market. Their agents will contact you by email or telephone to start discussing your needs or answering your questions. They will respond to your contact request immediately and their service is free.

The website was well designed and had some pictures which made it easy on the eye. The articles were clearly written and therefore easy to understand.

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