Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Website Review : www.ukoem.com

www.ukoem.com is a website where you can play skill games for money. You play other users and if you win earn money. You can use that to play other games or cash it out. At the moment you can register on the site and watch videos to see how it all works. It will be launched in September / October. You will be able to earn money by playing the games as well as by bringing in affiliates and being paid commission for both bringing in players and introducing new 'recruiters'. Players can earn money by paying to take place in tournaments where the winner takes all. There is also a large social networking base where players can invite their contacts through MSN and yahoo messenger, googletalk etc and if they introduce a new player they will earn commission. Registration on the site is free at the moment during the pre launch stage. This could be a great way to earn money - if you can introduce a lot of players and earn commission from that. It could be tricky if you spend your money on paying for games, unless you are skilled and can win a lot!

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