Sunday, September 09, 2007

Blackjack Game for free

Backgammon masters have released their brand new blackjack game. Their website has a whole host of family games such as backgammon and poker and has now added this blackjack game to the range. The site allows you to download all of the games that are available in one download (which is very unusual for this type of site). This will help speed things and make it less complicated. The games are available in ten different languages : English, Hebrew, French, Japanese, German, Greek, Arabic, Turkish and Spanish. You can play online with other players and there can be up to one thousand other people online at the site at one time. The blackjack game allows you to sit at a table with up to five other players and play with them. You can participate in real-time chat with those players if you wish to. You can even sit in on an existing game and observe play - which would especially help new players or people who want to watch their friends or family play. To celebrate the launch of their new game they are holding some free tournaments (and they also have a $25 free money bonus which you can use even if you do not deposit any money into your account).

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