Thursday, September 06, 2007

Great competition!

Livewyre.NET is running a fantastic competition. All you have to do is visit the site and write a review of it containing more than 100 words and several links and you have a chance of winning one of two cash prizes. It is so easy to enter, even I managed to do so by writing this blog.

I am very biased about the site so it is not really very fair of me to review it, but always being on the look out for opportunities to earn money, I couldn't overlook it. Not only was the site written by an online buddy of mine, I have contributed to the content (that is the part about making money online) which is of course pure genius and it is well worth looking at (and the rest is pretty good too!) Seriously, if you want to learn about all things Internet then you should take a look as I learn't a good few things myself just from a quick glance at some of the articles. The site is likely to be expanding too so it is well worth checking back every so often and you never know, there might be more chances to win some cash.

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jay said...

Thanks Rachel, no need to be so modest ;)