Thursday, September 06, 2007

Great Deals on Playing Cards

If you are looking for some casino quality playing cards then you may like to take a look at cardroom supplies website. They have various sets of playing cards including used casino cards, Bee playing cards and Copag Playing Cards. The cards are all made to the highest quality and are being sold at low prices. For example the copag playing cards are made from exclusively engineered plastic so that they can withstand wear and tear and they actually outlast normal paper cards by up to five hundred times. They are also washable (can be wiped with a damp cloth) so they do not become grubby or sticky. They start at $11.99 per deck (which is a four dollar reduction on the recommended retail price). You can save even more money if you buy in bulk. If you are looking for branded card then they do have Kem playing cards available. These are also made from plastic so that they last longer and remain clean. Their main difference from other similar cards, is that they contain no vinyl so they shuffle and handle more easily. So if you are looking to purchase quality cards at discount prices then this could be the place for you to start looking.

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