Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Pay to Click Earnings for the last week

I just realised that I forgot to do this yesterday so the figures might be slightly out :

Adbux : $2.73 (referrals 146 +5) - upgraded member
Clixsense : $1.12 (referrals 23 +0) - upgraded member : $3.41 (referrals 31 +8) - upgraded member
Wordlinx : $0.29 (referrals 27 +0)
Dreamclix : $0.60 (referrals 9 +0)
Linkgrand : $0.09 referrals 7 +0)
Clixmedia : $0.19 (referrals 1 +0)
Adbuddy : $0.13 (referrals 1 +0)
Englandbux : $0.82 (referrals 2 +0)

After the number of referrals the number in brackets shows how many new referrals have signed up this week.

The England Bux figures are slightly incorrect as last month I got confused about exchanging the currency from pounds to dollars.


JonEboy said...

Hi Rachel.

How about including the Money back Madness daily money back pay to click earnings?
I think it would be interesting to compair.


Rachel said...

That is a good idea - I make money from 3 cashback sites perhaps I will do them in a seperate article on a different day of the week.

JonEboy said...

Good idea.
Money back Madness is the best pay per click site I've found.
I've made £1.14 in a week just from the pay to click section on that site.

Many thanks for writing about it.