Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I am trying to find ways to promote the new waterproof memo boards and am wondering if anyone has any ideas. If you have a website you feel it would be good for me to promote them on please let me know as I do have quite a big advertising budget at the moment.


Daniel Harrison said...

Have you started building backlinks to the site? Then you'll get organic search engine traffic to the website.

You'll want to do things such as directory submissions and article submissions to do that. Check out the Digital Point forums for that sort of thing.


- Mitch - said...

You ever try a fish market to try and offer them to? Not sure how many of those are close by there in UK, but it gets pretty damp, and I've seen a lot of similar signs posted in vegetable markets while in Japan. I've been in seafood wholesale storage areas, where they use dry erase boards that don't work too well.