Sunday, September 30, 2007

Website Review : Balanced Scorecard Software

Balanced Scorecard designer is a website being used to sell Balanced Scorecard Designer software. The website has all the things you would expect from a site selling software, a support section, a download section, and a section with testamonials. You could view screen shots of the software which is a very useful feature. The 30 day evaluation feature is also very good, meaning that you can decide if the software is something that you would use before you pay for it. The site looks professional and is not too text heavy which makes it both easy on the eye and not too daunting.

The site did assume that I knew what balanced scorecard was which I did not. This was pretty off putting as I could benefit from this in my business but as I do not know what it is then I have no idea whether the software would help me. As a potential customer this would automatically make me want to close the website. I did later find links to articles about balanced scored and Implementing Balanced Scorecard as well as information about the Balanced Scorecard framework and the whole system of Balanced Scorecard Management.

Another small critism of the site were the small tabs. I assumed that the words were buttons but in fact only the word itself was the link and I found that meant that I had to be extremely precise is where I clicked my cursor in order to get the link to work. I think the difficulty I was having was perhaps caused by the text being small.

As a potantial buyer I would also find it tricky to know where I went to pay for the software. Having browsed the site in order to write this review I did notice that in the download section you had the option to download the evaluation copy and I expected to be able to download the full version in this section too. However, I noticed that there is an ordering section as well. I would have thought that it may have been better to have combined these sections in order to make the whole process simpler - to have the order form on the same page as the evaluation software download - as when I went to download the evaluation software I may just change my mind and decide to buy it rather than bother having to revisit the site to buy it at a later date.

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