Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Website Review : Compucram

Compucram is a website which helps you to revise for examinations. It focuses on real estate (sales, brokerage and maths), appraisal, mortgage lending, securities, home inspection and insurance. For example the securities exam will give you a qualification in order that you can either sell annuities and mutual funds (Series 6 Exam) or to sell most types of corporate securities (Series 7 Exam). The exam is administered by the National Association of Securities Dealers and you must be sponsored by a member of the National Association of Securities or a Self Regulatory Organisation. Compucram guarantee that if you pass their examinations then you will be 100% sucessful in passing your exams. They have a review mode which is self paced so you can learn at a speed to suit you and get feedback on each question as you attempt it, you can take an unlimited amount of timed exams and you do not even need Internet access to do it. There is even a free trial so you can have a look at what to expect if you decide to use Compucram to help you with your exam preparation. So if you are studying for examinations in insurance, real estate, appraisal, mortgage lending, home inspection or securities then the website could be worth a look.

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