Monday, September 10, 2007

Website Review : First Class Online Courses

First Class is a directory containing details of schools that offer vaious courses such as real estate courses, appraisal courses, insurance courses, mortgage courses, home inspection courses, securities courses and more. They provide continuing education and pre-licensing courses online and also provide exam preparation, appraisal school, real estate textbooks and support material. First Class do not sell the courses themselves but they are provided through schools situated in all states across North America. Their aim is to help students find the right school to suit their individual needs. The website allows you to select the state that you are interested in and find the schools in that area. When your search results appear there is a link to the website of the schools that are listed. This means that you can find out more details about that particular school quickly and easily by taking a look at their website. They even have an online bookstore so that you can look for you course materials conveniently online. So if you are looking to study in the area of real estate, mortgages, insurance, securities, home inspection or anything similar then you will be able to find out about courses which could interest you on this website.

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