Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Website Review : Melbel's Post a Day

melbel's Post a Day is a very inspiringw ebsite for anyone trying to make money online. Mel has some debts from paying for her education and is working hard trying to pay them off. When she finds a sucessful method for paying off some of her debt she shares it with her readers. She has recently redesigned teh template for her blog and it now looks a cool green colour, which is not only relaxing but is the colour of money. I woudl like to wish her luck with her money making, I am sure that she will do well as she has great determination.


Melbel said...

Hey, thanks for the recent post. I was wondering why I have been getting so many hits from here and came over to see what was causing it. Thanks a ton. This is muchly appreciated. When I have a bit of time, I'll write something up on million pounds.

Rachel said...

You are most welcome.