Sunday, September 23, 2007

Website Review : Million Dollar Dig

Million Dollar Dig is a website which increases your traffic and allows you to have part of their profits. Their Unique Website Promotion means that you should rapidly increase hits to your website. All you do is to sign up and create a profile as part of their social networking website. You can then participate in the forum, vote for articles and also Digg them. People who Digg articles are automatically entered into contests - you can earn prize points by inviting friends to join and posting comments.

If you want to advertise you can buy a page for $100. What this means is that you purchase a word, phrase or name and then you can create your personal page. You can put whatever content on that you wish and you can put any advertising on it that you wish. You then have your own page which is earning you an income. The site guarantees that they will keep going for at least 20 years so your $100 actually works out to be $5 a year. There is a forum too where you can chat to other like minded people. So if you want to find out more details about how you can either earn money by Digging article that you like or by setting up your own webpage, then take a look.

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