Monday, October 01, 2007

130 sales needed

I have just been thinking of ways to raise the £1300 that I need. The most obvious way woudl be to sell lots of the waterproof memo boards. If I sell 130 boards at £10 then I will make the money that I need. We have been considering selling them at a car boot sale and had a look around a few this weekend to see whether any woudl be suitable for us to sell at. The first sale we went to was very small with only 2 trade stands one selling frut and vegetables and the other cakes so we felt that this woudl not be apprpriate. The other we went to did not seem to exist! There is another in the area which we know has quite a few trade stands and we are considering selling at that one. It will very much depend on the weather and whether we can find a babysitter for the children. Hopefully we can start making more online sales and that will help us out.

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Melbel said...

If you write a mini review that I can paste on my blog, I can stick it on there... advertising your memo boards.