Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I used to think that Bux.to was one of the best pay to click sites. However, lately I have not been so pleased with them. I am still very happy with the large amount of adverts there are to click and my earning potential is very good. My referrals seem to be earning me qite a bit of money too. However, I sent a payment request over 2 weeks ago and have still not been paid. I know they say to leave 2 weeks but they so also state that upgraded members (that I am) should get paid first and when I chased up my payment they just told me to wait. I also find that some of links do not seem to work properly and I end up having to click the half a dozen times before I get credited. Is anyone else having these problems?


Anonymous said...

I'm also an upgraded member on Bux.to, and I've been waiting for my payment since the 27th of Sep. According to the new TOS, it's 30 business days, which means at the very most, I shouldn't expect to be paid until some time in november. So I'm actually going to start waiting and cashing out with large amounts to make it worth the wait.

As for the links, they've been working for me every time I've tried them, but I've taken to waiting 25 or 26 hours after the last time I clicked them, just to make sure I get credit.

Rachel said...

According to the response I got from Bux.to they will pay upgraded members before 30 days, so lets hope we both get paid soon.

Arkad said...

Hi Rachel,

I've not earned enough to cash in, so I can't comment on that but I have had one or two problems with the links not working. Actually, they do work but after waiting thrty seconds, I get a big red cross instead of a nice green tick, so I don't get paid and have to do it again!

Because I'm not a Premium member I only get 4 or 5 ads to click as well. I've decided it's not profitable to continue - I only reviewed it for W3WAD.COM anyway :)