Sunday, October 28, 2007

Global Cash Clicks

I have been paid today by Global Cash Clicks. You can earn money on their site by clicking banner ads and registering on websites. I tend to just click the banners and find they pay pretty well. Some are worth 1 cent and other 1/4 of a cent. There are quite a few of a lower value too. I find clicking ads is relaxing and good to do when I am distracted by the children and cannot concentrate on posting on my blog etc, its also good to do when watching TV as you can view and earn at the same time. They do not pay a shighly as some other sites for referrals earnings, but if you do not like recruiting referrals then this site will be good for you as the minimum payout is only $1 so you will not hav eto wiat months before you can request a payment.

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