Monday, October 01, 2007

A Great Start

Well this morning I decided to concentrate on ebay. I had auctions due to finish and have already received £45.83 in payments for items that I have sold, which is fantastic. I also listed a few items that I had hanging around plus a book which I have been holding into because I think it is worth quite a bit of money. It is a first edition children's picture book by David McKee called 123456789 Benn about Mr Benn the prisoner. Some of his books were made into films or TV programs and a few have been reprinted recently. This book was contraversial and was not televised or reprinted which makes it pretty rare. It already has a bid so hopefully it will raise some money for me.


Melbel said...

Cool, I'm a big fan of eBay. If you need any tips I would love to help. I used to sell on eBay a bunch. Actually, lately I've been tossing around the idea of getting back on there. I'll have to get a list of things I'd like to sell and wait to a totally free listing day.

Rachel said...

Thanks for the offer of help. never seem to have any free listing days anymore.