Saturday, October 27, 2007

Jem Investments

I have had £20 invested with Jem Investments for quite a while now. This is a private investment scheme run by an Internet buddy of mine. She has offered me a more lucrative investment opportunity and as I have nearly made back the value of my investment in interest payments alone, I decided to have a go. I woudln't normally take this sort of risk, but part of the idea of my million project is to learn about risk takingw hen investing so I thought itw oudl be a good exercise for me. I have invested a further $10 into the original investment and she has promised a higher roi in return. I have also invested $100 in her new project. She is predicting paymouts of $25 a month (for each $50 invested) from December onwards. This sounded like too good an opportunity to miss and as I had some money in my doubling fund I thought it would be worth spending some of it.

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