Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Recreational Vehicles

There are many factors that you should consider if you’re thinking or buying a Monaco, Winnebago, Holiday Rambler or any other type of recreational vehicle. There are three main different classes which have different attributes depending on your preference. Class A RV’s are becoming less popular as they are very expensive to run, especially with the rise of fuel prices.

Picking the right RV can be a very challenging job if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Always revise what you want from your RV as this can influence your decision. Set your budget and then find the best model that falls into it as the price can be infinite with all of the available modifications on the market.

An experienced rv’er would be able to recommend the perfect motor home for you so don’t jump into buying the first one you see that you like. Shop around to find the best deals in your area.

Below you will find a list of the advantages and disadvantages of each type of RV so you can get a better understanding if you’re new to the motor home industry.

Class A

These are motorized bus style vehicles so the main attraction is the fact they are very practical. People that travel a lot of plan on taking many family vacations should consider one of these.

One of the big pitfalls with Class A Motorhomes is the initial cost and running costs. They consume large amounts of fuel so they can be costly in the long run. The larger Class A motorhomes can be hard to manoeuvre which tends to put many people off.

Class B

Class B recreational vehicles are one of the most popular RV’s in today’s world as they are very economical and easily drivable. You can practically take them anywhere which appeals to many people as they are not restricted as they are not too big.

The downside to this specific type of motor home is that they are small, you can only fit a limited amount of people inside comfortably and they have minimum storage space.

Class C

The main characteristic that stands out on a Class C is the safety. They are very secure and economical to drive. They make great family vehicles as you can regularly go on family vacations bringing you closer then before.

You are restricted in areas you can take this type of RV as they can become overweight if you have excess luggage or if it’s too long.

A good resource for comparing RV’s is the RV Comparison Guide which can be found online at JR Consumer Resources. They are a consumer based company that rates RV manufacturers and compares each manufacturer regarding customer satisfaction, quality of construction and resale value.

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