Monday, October 01, 2007

September Earnings

I have been so carried away with this months earnings that I almost forgot to do last months earnings summary! Details follow:
Pay to Blog - £165.44
Pay Per Post - £56.50
Sponsored Reviews - £3.25
Review Me - £16.25
Blogsvertise - £1.00
Smorty - £3.00
Bloggerwave - £10.00
Paid Blogging- £40.50
Digital Point forum - £34.94
Pay to Click - £27.35
Adbux - £16.03 - £4.68
Global cash Clicks - £1.96
Wordlinx - £4.68
Pay to Read - £2.34
A pair Of - £1.05
Adpaid - £1.29
Cashback - £6.10
Quidco - £5.60
British Rewards - £0.50 Other - £45.61
Bucks4Banners - £5.00
Found Money - £0.12
Jem Investments - £2.75
Waterproof Memo Board sales - £16.80
MMMTalk contest - £16.29 BuyRefs - £2.92 Sell ebooks - £1.73

Investments - £1001.01
Advertising - £1.01
Waterproof Memo Boards - £1000

This makes a total of £246.84 earned during the month. This is a bit disappointing but I am really working hard to make it a lot higher this month.


Humph7 said...

I'm new to all this and have recently signed up to the likes of Adbux & Wordlinx, I have plenty of time on my hands as I'm off work with a broken leg. How do you manage to get such high payments off them?

Rachel said...

I haven't been paid by Adbux since the beginning of August and this was the first payment I have had from Wordlinx. I have a lot of referrals for Adbux too, which really helps.

humph7 said...


LiVEWYRE said...

great work Rachel, that's still close to a very respectable $500 - whenever I see posts about online earnings I always use you as an example of what can be realistically earned ie. around $500-$600 a month. To earn a vast amount more really requires a all-out full-time strategy I reckon.

Rachel said...

Thank you for the words of encouragement. I am hoping that I can increase this amount, especially this month. It would be great to make £500 a month from this website on a regular basis.