Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Term Insurance, Car Insurance, and More

Term Insurance
Would you be happy with a Term Insurance product that promises to return your premiums? It is now possible with the new ROP term insurance. The traditional complaint with term insurance is that it expires after the term is up. Thus making all those premium payments for not. Well with this new ROP term insurance product you don't have to die to collect your premium payments back.

Return of Premium term life insurance gives you the best of both worlds; protection for your family against death and a return of your premium dollars if your fortunate enough to live. This is really an excellent feature since none of us really expect to die prematurely. So, term insurance no longer has to be premium after premium wasted.

Car Insurance
If by some unfortunate circumstance you get in a car accident and wreck your car will you get what you deserve from your car insurance company—what your car's worth? If this happens it's your car insurance companies obligation to provide you with a car of equal value. Sadly, this won't happen if your car insurance company has anything to say about it. The car insurer has their own means of determining your vehicles value. And it's not always going to work out in your favor. Often time's individuals are left holding a check for less than their car is actually worth. All vehicle are unique to condition, how many miles, etc. So, if you're not happy with the method presented by your auto insurer you may want to get some quotes tom rove otherwise. Also, don't forget the sales tax you have to pay when purchasing a replacement car, this is often left out.

Long Term Care Insurance
It is no longer a secret Long Term Care Insurance plays a major role in retirement planning. Long term care insurance products have become focused on the individual needs of individuals. Much like the ROP term insurance polices they may offer a savings platform in the form of an annuity. This ensures the product owner that he/she can fall back on accumulated money within the product if long term care is not needed. Much like term insurance people have the idea that they'll never need these types of products. This also solves that issue, providing an investment with protection.

Now that these insurers are providing some of these much-needed benefits, we're finding more people take a more serious look when planning for their future. For the very rich long term care insurance is probably not for them, the can certainly afford the heavy expense of long term care. For the rest of us it is definitely worth taking a closer look at. The costs of health care and particularly long term care are raising at rates much higher than that of inflation. Take a close look at long term care insurance when you plan for your future.

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