Friday, October 12, 2007

Website Review : Bet365

Bet365 is different to many other online betting websites. Normally this type of sites requires you to have a seperate account for online poker as you would have in order to use their online casino. They allow you to combine your accounts is that you can spread the money you have in your account between any of their online betting facilities that you wish. They do not just offer casino and poker facilities but also betting on a massive range of different sports and games that you can play for money too. It is easy to open an account and deposit money. Placing a bet is very simple too. There are deals when you first open your account - you can get bonus cash in your account or extra chips depending on what game you are playing. As long as you are logged in you can even watch live streaming of matches so that you can check out the action and see whether you are likley to win your bet. They also guarantee the best odds on horse racing. So if you like to gamble and are looking for a good online deal then Bet365 could be well worth checking out.

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