Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Website Review : Cellit Mobile Marketing

Cellit Mobile Marketing is a service which allows companies of all sizes to get involved with mobile marketing. This means using text messaging, wap and voice as a way of letting people know about your product. They have worked with some very large companies but also have the tools to help smaller companies such as real estate companies with their House4Cell scheme which will send potential buyers information about properties, including pictures, to their phone. They also have a specific property program which has even more features than this one. Additional they have a system for restaurants, bars and nightclubs with their Couponzap set up, allowing then to send coupons, appointment reminders and text alerts to mobile phones.

The advantages of this type of targeting is that it is fairly new, so by using it you will be up with the innovative companies and can grab a fresh slice of customers before this system gets used by many companies. They also have specific systems for recuitment, meaning that you can send potential candidates information quickly to the recruiter and surveys so that you can conduct opinion polls.

Their products allow you to send text, pictures, ringtones, videos and interactive quizzes to mobile phones. The company can have this service up and running in minutes, you just click a link on the website for a demostration and you can sign up as soon as you like. They can also provide custom solutions for your specific company. You can contact them to find out about all of their services where they will be able to let you know how much it would cost. Personally I would have liked an idea of costs on the website, I understand that the services can be customised and so the cost will vary between customers but it would be good to have a price range or even the cost of the most basic product to give people an idea. I run a small business and I would not consider looking into this because there is no indication of cost so I assume that itw ill be too expensive, even though the ideas behind all seem very good.

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