Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Website Review : submit2please

Submitting to directories can really help you get lots of back links to your site which can really help your search engine rating and also help you get more visits to your website. It can be quite tricky finding directories to submit to and it is very monotonous work. It can take a very long time and sometimes you have to provide a link back to the directory on your website, which means that it can take even longer to set things up.

Submit2please is a directory submission service. It can take a very long time to submit your website to lots of directories but this service charges just $99.95 to submit your website to 500 directories. The submissions are done manually and there is high acceptance rate. You get a detailed report explaining which sites you have been accepted. As they do the submissions manually and make sure that they do not use sites which are disliked by search engines, you will be more likely to get qualiy traffic and increase your search engine position.

You can purchase online and they have several packages available. You can submit to 500 directories, 250 PR4+ directories, 250 directories, 150 directories PR4+, Guaranteed inclusion in Google Index. The rates for these services vary from $9.95 to $99.95. They also have services where they can submit articles to directories. So if you are looking to increase your website traffic and do not have the time to submit the site to lots of directories, then this could help you out. It may seem like a lot of money to pay, but it would probably take anything from a few days to a week to do this work yourself, so if you calculate what you are getting for your money, it doesn't seem worth it especially if you get significantly more traffic on your websites. I am considering doing it for some of my websites.

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