Sunday, October 28, 2007

Website Review : Webbyplanet

A great way of saving some money can be to find money of coupons and offers. It is easy to do this when you are buying in stores as all of the offers are marked in store or you can cut the coupons from the newspaper. When shopping online it can be more tricky to use coupons but there are website which can help you out. Webbyplanet is a website which specialises in online coupons. They have over 5000 well known online retailers listed and you can search and find a coupon for each company. It is easy to search on the site as you can either look in the category you are interested in (automative, baby, clothes, shoes, electronics, education, computer, finance, flowers, food and drink, travel, malls, music, games, pets etc) or you can search by keyword. You then can look at the current discount code that the retailers has and enter it when you shop at their online store. The site has many top of their market retailers such as Dell and Amazon.

The website looks really nice - it is simple in design but still pretty and is very easy to navigate which is great. There is a lot of detail about each store but it is easy to find the coupon codes if you rather scroll down and bypass this information. Each store seems to have quite a few different offers which means there are likley to be offers for different needs and tastes.

The site is updated daily which means that there are less likley to be expired coupon codes and more likley to be the most up to date offers. The company also has sites for other countries including Australia, Canada, France, Germany, UK and USA. So if you are loking to make savings when you purchase things online then this site could help you to find great discounts with their range of money saving coupon codes.

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